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What the website will provide

The environment

The website will provide an environment that serves all the needs of the Department with its offices, branches and monitoring for the scientific publishing and the possibility of modern and safe and available to all at any time and anywhere


The articles are protected from loss and are available for backups periodically and do not have to worry about the loss of only the publication, as all your articles are reserved by the original publication and can not be modified only by the administration of the site after informing you so


The data

The amount of data that will be provided by the scientific journal and the site is not limited to a certain quantity You can put and publish any number of articles and any quantity as you can put pictures as you like and there will be no limits



The website and the scientific journal will communicate all the articles published not only to all employees of the department and its branches, but also to all people



The methods of modern publishing and the diversity it provides between a standard article, an intensive article, a quotation, a question, a photo gallery, or a video are all techniques of publication that have been adopted in this newspaper and its blog

About us

Libyan Department of Antiquities

brief history

The Libyan Antiquities Authority was established in the first quarter of the last century and is one of the oldest administrative institutions in the modern Libyan state. It is managed by national cadres that meet our policy and aspirations in preserving the Cultural and civilizational heritage.


Scientific journal

اللوحات الفسيفسائية المعروضة في قصر ليبيا

خمسون لوحة فسيفسائية أبعادها 65×65 كانت جزء من فسيفساء صحن الكنيسة الشرقية و هي تحمل مشاهد حيوانية وآدمية وأسطورية وعمرانية ونباتية و بحرية إلى جانب بعضها كتابات إغريقية ، وقد حيرت هذه المشاهد الدارسين لها عندما حاولوا ايجاد تفسير منطقي مترابط بين اللوحات و الكنيسة التي وجدت بها مختلفين بين التفسير الكهنوتي و التفسير الناسوتي …

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Tablino opposite Al Ahlia University
Benghazi , Libya

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